Think Better - Perform Better

Think Better - Perform Better

SuperPHIT BootCamp and Self Defense courses are some of the group sessions that you'll find at SuperPHIT. Being a part of a group can be very motivating and inspiring. Building a strong community contributes to the overall health of everyone. Come be a part of something rewarding! With a Marine Corps Veteran as your Trainer, you will surely be challenged to achieve high marks in these fun and rewarding group sessions. SuperPHIT Bootcamp is mostly an outdoor training, so wear suitable attire for grass drills and short runs.

SuperPHIT Boxing Skills & Drills starts with the basic philosophy a student and athlete should have in and out of training and competition. Life has many challenges and the sport of boxing can enhance life skills as well as the life you build can directly affect your performance and thought process in the sport.

Our approach may be somewhat different from traditional methods and that's the way we intended for it to be. Improving the way we think, can improve the way we perform. Once we get our students and athletes to understand these principles, we move on to the fun stuff like footwork, offensive and defensive techniques.

If desired, anyone who takes our skills training sessions can move onto actual full contact sparring and sanctioned USA Boxing competitions under our Comrades Boxing program. This is for those who want to pursue a real boxing career for Olympic and/or professional aspirations or simply for recreational fulfillment.

SuperPHIT Circuit Training and SuperPHIT Interval Training are two of the most effective workouts on the planet. Most people have a busy schedule, but want to be in great shape. An amazing workout doesn't have to take up all of your time. In fact, 30 minutes with SuperPHIT will be far more beneficial than what another person would get from an hour on a treadmill. 

SuperPHIT incorporates multiple functional movements into our Circuit Training and Interval Training sessions. These sessions will improve cardiovascular endurance, oxygen uptake, mobility, physical strength, energy, body fat % and emotional confidence.

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