Think Better - Perform Better

Think Better - Perform Better

Does muscle weight more than fat? Muscle has less volume than fat. A pound is a pound. Muscle takes up less space so a person who is 200 lb. and lean, will look smaller and harder than a person who is 200 lb. and not lean.

Will lifting weights make a lady look a man? No. Unless you train vigorously with very heavy weights and have an extremely low body fat percentage. Your body will tell you the truth. If you notice your body changing in a way you don't like, meet with us at SuperPHIT to discuss and have your program changed.

Will ab exercises get rid of my belly fat? No. Ab exercises will strengthen the underlying muscle and increase metabolism slightly. You will need to burn enough calories and/or eat less calories in a day for your body to use stored fat for energy. Using it for energy is what "burning fat" means. At SuperPHIT, we will calculate your body fat percentage and suggest a per-day calorie intake for you.

Does cardio burn more fat than weights? Not necessarily. Cardiovascular exercises help speed the heart rate and start the calorie burning process. A moderate amount of carbohydrates get used to energize this process. The calorie burning window is very small post-workout though. Weight training helps to stimulate muscle and burn calories during the session and increase the metabolism to continue burning calories far beyond the workout session. If you are in great shape and like to get more bang with less time spent, get into high intensity interval training (HIIT) and/or weight training circuits.

I should workout everyday for best results right? No. In fact this could be counterproductive or even problematic. Your body needs rest and recovery. Listen to it. If you're really sore in any part of your body, rest it. If you're in pain, see a doctor. Exercise should be done in a manner to benefit your body, not tear it down. Be wise about your approach. 

Will fat burners get me faster results? BEWARE! Be sure to read ingredients and research side effects of any supplements or stimulants you consider using. Some products will provide quicker results, but these are likely temporary results that your body will not be able to maintain. A healthy lifestyle with a Proper diet, exercise and low stress is the way to go. This is the only foolproof sustainable method to lifelong health and performance success.

Will I get punched in the face in the boxing classes? No. Our boxing skills classes are for learning offensive and defensive boxing skills. Sometimes there is incidental contact in our partner drills, but nothing that should cause injury or discomfort. For those who want to take part in full contact sparring, you will help you to cross over into that type of training and get your proper credentials to be allowed to do so.

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